Un-expected Somaliland Mission Presentative Action In Addisababa
December 25, 2016 - Written by Hangool

Adis-ababa (Hangoolnews.com) The Somaliland mission representative in Addis Ababa Mr. Ayanle Salad has hired his own personnel security from his own BICIIDE CLAN and was one of Somaliland students have got scholarship to Ethiopia.

Mr. Abdikarim Salad Hersi is also acting Ethiopian federal security member.On 28th Nov.2016 at 16.00. The Somaliland mission representative mr. Ayanle and Abdikarim with the help of 3 Ethiopians kidnapped a Somalilander/American citizen who came to Addis Ababa as a tourist (Mr. Yuosuf Awil Ogleh). They took all his documents such as passport, driving license, airline ticket and bank account card. Therefore we all Somali laders living in Addis Ababa sending messages and informing to Somaliland governmentparticularly to the concerning ministries. The ministry of presidential affairs, the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of  interior that Somaliland mission representative in Addis Ababa is working only for his Baciide clan. We are hoping soon from the above said ministries to firehim immediately and replace a suitable mission representative.


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